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OpenZIM export command for ka-lite.


  • Exporting the contents of a local KA Lite installation to the OpenZim
  • Easy to customize since you use KA Lite to select and download videos
  • Creates a .zim file with a single-page webapp containing video player and simple JS-based UI for filtering and searching the videos

Use case and contributions

This project is a Python project but is NOT on PyPi because it’s not intended for a wider audience. So just get the latest master, it should work with the latest KA Lite release. Please contribute to this project if you have changes to the .zim files that are available on the Kiwix website

The goal of this command is to build an alternative use case of Khan Academy for the popular offline reader Kiwix, which works for the open standards format OpenZim. Thus, it can benefit from the data prepared through the KA Lite software.

While KA Lite is truly built for education, Kiwix is more of an eLibrary. While Kiwix and OpenZim is more static, KA Lite has its focus on interaction.


The export command for KA Lite is the immediate and easiest target. But we hope to be able to understand the OpenZIM format well enough to build an import command as well such that KA Lite students can interact with the data packaged and distributed by zim-packagers.


If you have any suggestions or questions about ka-lite-zim feel free to email me at benjamin@learningequality.org.

If you encounter any errors or problems with ka-lite-zim, please let me know! Open an Issue at the GitHub https://github.com/benjaoming/ka-lite-zim main repository.